A Year of sobriety

I’ve been somewhat active most of my life. I am no athlete, but I’ve done a couple half marathons (slowly) and many a 5k. I’ve even done several “mud runs”. While training for these things, I was a regular drinker. For the mud runs, I was on a team named for a notorious liquor and drank *during* the event. I share this because until middle age, I didn’t think much about how that might be impacting my performance, aside from the occasional run while hungover (miserable-do not recommend!). In middle age, my body’s ability to recover from a hangover has gone to shit and it takes nearly 2 days to really recover. 

Yes, that notorious liquor. I can’t even smell it anymore without gagging

Aside from my pregnancies, the longest period of sobriety I’ve attempted was 30 days. I made it to 34 before I went back to drinking. I’ve been working to moderate my drinking for a few years now, increasing the days I don’t drink, reducing the amount of drinks, and overall trying to make alcohol work for me. 

For years, I dreaded the idea of stopping drinking entirely, because I had associated alcohol with fun times in my life-wine tasting with friends, happy hour with the ladies, brewery hopping with my husband. In 2020, COVID took most of those opportunities away. It also sent my anxiety through the roof, and I started using alcohol daily as a crutch. 

Our backpacking trip this last summer is what helped me get back onto a healthy track and gave me a reason to reduce my drinking again. I could not have done that trip without seriously reducing my alcohol intake, and it made me really consider the possibility of removing alcohol from my life for an extended period. I wonder what I can accomplish without my liver constantly having to remove poison from my system.

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Since I love a good round number and a fresh start, I have decided to make 2021 my year of sobriety. I am feeling really positive about this, at only a week and a half in. I have found some fabulous things that help me stay on track. I have started a daily yoga regimen on YouTube (Breath by Yoga with Adriene). The other big help has been craft non-alcoholic beer. These days, there are options well beyond O’Douls to fill in cravings without sacrifice to health. My favorite craft NA beer is Free Wave IPA by Athletic Brewing, but I haven’t had any from them that I dislike. It’s great to have an option that supports a healthy lifestyle and still allows me a beer with friends (when we can again get together with friends, that is!)

Happy new year, and cheers to health and wellness!


If you are interested in trying Athletic Brewing, here is a link to their website: https://athleticbrewing.com/collections/beer?r=nwgmd&utm_source=bc_wendy-seignemartin_nwgmd&utm_campaign=bc

You can also use discount code: WENDYS20 for 20% off your first purchase

*Disclaimer: Wendy is an ambassador for Athletic Brewing and receives discounts for purchases made through the link above

2 thoughts on “A Year of sobriety”

  1. I am so proud of you–not in the kind of pride where I get to absorb any credit for the life you live. Pride in the sense that I recognize your bravery every day. You are one of the bravest women I know. I admire and love you. Ruth

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